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DIY Candle Making Tutorial



I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love candles! I saw a Pinterest post a while ago about how to make your own candles and wanted to try it myself (you can see the blog post “DIY Survival Candles” here).

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • soy wax flakes
  • wicks
  • glass jars
  • wooden chop sticks, not pulled apart
  • a crayon or two of your desired color(s)
  • candle scents in a flavor of your choice

I looked up a few of the closest craft stores and called around to see who had soy wax flakes and wicks, etc. It turned out a local soap shop had everything I needed. Before buying wax and wicks do some research or ask the shopkeeper which ones are compatible. My first candles would burn out because the wax didn’t burn as quickly as the wick, and the opposite can also be a problem.

When I bought the soy wax flakes I way overestimated how much I would need. Start small and if you want to make more get more — to start you probably don’t need more than a pound. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Set up jars and center wicks in them, keeping them stable by pinching the top part of the wick between the chopsticks and setting the chopsticks over the opening of the jar (see picture).

    You'll notice the chopsticks are broken in this picture -- it is much easier if they are not broken apart.

    You’ll notice the chopsticks are broken in this picture — it is much easier if they are not broken apart.

  2. Melt the wax. You can do this in one of two ways. Melt the crayon and soy wax flakes in a double broiler or equivalent (a small pot set into a bigger pot filled with water over the stove), or you can put it in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for two minute intervals until it is completely melted. Try to use a pan or container that you dont care about too much; the wax will come off, but it takes some work. A note on the crayon: you only need about half a stick per pound, give or take, mix it in once everything is melted.

    Use a double broiler (or equivalent) or a microwave-safe container to melt the wax in.

    Use a double broiler (or equivalent) or a microwave-safe container to melt the wax in.

  3. Once all is melted and the desired color, add in the candle scent and stir.
  4. Pour the wax into the jars, leaving a little extra wax for later, and set them somewhere safe to dry. Once they have dried you may notice there is an indentation around the wick. Reheat the remaining wax and pour it into the jar and let dry.
    Notice the indentations around the wick.

    Notice the indentations around the wick.

    I didn't think to leave any extra wax mixture left over to fill the indentations, so I had to use plain soy wax to fill them up, which is why it looks white and milky on top.

    I didn’t think to leave any extra wax mixture left over to fill the indentations, so I had to use plain soy wax to fill them up, which is why it looks white and milky on top.

  5. Trim the wick and enjoy your home made candle!


I’m going to be publishing another post about how to recycle candles by making new ones out of old ones. I’ve had a lot of luck with it, so stay tuned!



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No Sew DIY Fourth of July Spray Paint Tank Top


I am going to what is supposedly the most epic 4th of July party in the history of ever (according to every person who’s been in the years before). It is actually a whole weekend event, so when I saw this tank top on Pinterest I figured I had to make it. Unfortunately the picture didn’t have a tutorial attached, so I decided to wing it. My girlfriend and I got together and picked up a couple boy Ts from the Goodwill and stopped by Joann’s for the rest of the supplies.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A plain white T shirt
  • Blue tape
  • Red and blue spray paint (NOTE: it is way cheaper to buy this somewhere besides a craft store! i.e. Lowes, Fred Meyer…)
  • Star stickers
  • Scissors


  1. Cut your T shirt how you like (For a easy way to fold it so that everything is even see my “How to fold for even cutting” picture). Be sure to save one of the sleeves you cut off. (If you want more detailed directions on how to cut the shirt look at this DIY tank top tutorial from Dollars, Sense & More.)

    How to fold for even cutting: Match up the shoulder seams and fold in half so it’s folded on the front and back instead of the sides. This way you can cut the neckline evenly and also both sleeves at once instead of worrying about making them even.

    Tape off your shirt

  2. Slide a piece of cardboard inside the shirt. For the red part tape off stripes and make sure to cover up the part you want to make blue. Depending on what kind of stripes you want you’ll spray differently. I went with a more faded look so I sprayed from farther away, while my friend did a more graffitied look. You could also do it more solid if you like. (Keep in mind that the thicker you spray the paint, the stiffer the fabric will be.)

    Faded look

    Graffitied look

  3. After the red has dried, take off only the tape that’s over the section where you want blue and tape over the surrounding red parts. Lay down your star stickers however you like and spray away!

    Put on star stickers

    Tape off surrounding red sections and spray

  4. Take one of the sleeves that was cut off and spray it whatever color you like. I did both red and blue. You’ll cut this and use it to tie the back together.
  5. After everything has dried, take off all the tape. Cut your sleeve piece lengthwise — it can be skinny or thick, depending on the look you like (Mine was about two inches — keep in mind that it will roll a bit). Tie the back together with your extra strip, knotting twice with the knot on the inside. Cut the ends off, leaving enough extra to tuck it into the knot so they don’t show.

    Knot the back together and tuck in the ends

    Graffiti look on the left, faded on the right


NOTE: You can do any design with this idea. You could do letters or cut out a silhouette and spray paint over those as well. You could do a tank for each holiday! I have also seen fun Pinterest shirts where you spray over a cut-out with bleach instead of spray paint. Have fun with the possibilities!

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How to Make Your Own Gift Bags


Gift bags can get so expensive, so here’s a do-it-yourself step by step tutorial on how to make your own gift bags. For paper I used brown postal package paper, since I needed my bags to be larger and durable, but you can use wrapping paper, magazine paper, scrapbooking paper, a map, or even pages from a big children’s book. On the top in the picture above are bags I made from a christmas catalog. Junk mail turned useful!

What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Paper of choice
  • Tape
  • Ruler

To start, you need to cut a length of paper. I had to make a couple bags before I got the right size for my purposes (be sure to keep note of dimensions!). If you start with a 15.5 inch by 10 inch piece of paper and fold the bottom up three inches you’ll end up with a 8.5 inch tall, 4.5 inch wide, and 3 inch deep bag. (Note that those are not the dimensions of the bag in the pictures.) Something to keep in mind while doing this project is when making a fold, you want to crease it really well. If you don’t have fingernails for this, keep a ruler handy.

Once you have your paper, lay it face down, vertically. If you plan on making handles, fold the top part down just far enough so that it will add reinforcement and keep the edges from showing. If you plan to fold it over to hole punch it and string with ribbon as I did, then you can skip that step.

Bring the edges inward, careful not to fold it yet.

Now tape the edges together, still being careful not to fold anything yet. It’s hard to tape it and hold it at the same time, so I suggest starting with two smaller pieces of tape at the top and bottom before using a longer piece of tape to bind the whole seam.

You should now have a loop. Now it’s time to make a fold. Make your fold near but not on the piece of tape. This will make it so the tape won’t show on the front or back of your bag.

Now flip it so the top is farthest from you. Now you’re going to create the bottom of your bag. Fold the bottom upwards making one crease. The amount you fold upward will be how deep your bottom will be. For instance, if you want a three inch deep bag, then fold up three inches.

Open the part you just folded.

Taking the corner, fold it in on itself along the inside fold line. Do this on both sides.

To close up the bottom take the part nearest to you and fold it up to the middle fold line.

Do the same with the opposite side and tape.

Now you are going to create the sides of your bag. Take a side of the bag (on the right or left of the picture above) and fold the mini square in on itself so the corners are touching and crease well. Try to line the edges of this mini square up as perfectly as possible.

Fold the crease you just made over and crease it the other way as well.

Do this double fold to the other side of the bag, making sure to touch the mini square corner to corner, lining up the sides.

Now carefully open your bag. It will be a little misshapen, but we’ll fix that next.

Crease the sides of the bag the way they should go. The two outer creases should be creased from the outside, and the middle one should be creased from the inside.

Fold your bag up like an empty gift/grocery bag. If you have to force it a little it means something didn’t line up properly while you were folding, but that’s ok, just gently fold it up and press it out.

Now it’s time to decorate! You can hole punch it and thread ribbon through as I did, or you can hole punch and add handles. I used Christmas cutouts, To/From labels, and some cut up dollar store flowers for my bags. You could use glitter and glue, or stickers, or if you used pre-decorated paper you could just add a tag. Have fun getting creative!

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