Basket making



I just wanted to share a few pictures of when I made my first basket! It was a very fun experience and the nice thing is you can make it for any purpose you like. I wish I could share the specifics of where to get materials, but all I know is you soak the wood overnight. My friend Laurie had everything ready to go and just guided me along as we went. I’m sure you could look up where to get materials near you and the shop people could tell you where to go from there.


The bottom is sometimes hard to start and get set right, but you expand and when you want to start with the sides…


…you just start making it the same length/tightness all around. As you can see, I added beads to mine.


The bottom of my basket wasn’t sitting flat enough for my liking. According to my lovely teacher, if I stood on it it would set right. It set great!


As you can see, you can use soaked wood or even rope. This rope is such a lovely color because it washed up on shore where Laurie saved it for such a project. She used shells she’d collected that happened to have holes in them and strung them on as feet for her basket. Here she is cutting the extra long ends off.


Here are the finished baskets.


I made mine for my kitten Tiger Lily. At first it was for a sleeping basket, but now that she’s big I use it for all her toys. I made this basket the day I went to get her!

Hope this inspires you!

If you like crafts such as this, feel free to check me out on Pinterest. If you enjoy food then take a look at Small Detail Food!




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