The RE Store, reclaimed building materials for a greener home


I recently visited The RE Store for the first time. I’d heard wonderful things about it but had never made the time to stop by. It was like fun land for crafter/upcycle/repurpose/reclaimers! I wanted to share some fun pictures I took while I was there. Oh, the possibilities! I know they have a RE Store Bellingham and in Seattle. If you love making old things new I highly suggest you find a similar store in your location. Feel free to comment your findings!

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Check out Laina on Pinterest to find more fun ideas, crafts, and recipes!


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  1. Nice! My dad told me about the Habitat for Humanity Restore – he actually gets some second-hand stuff there for construction jobs & when he’s building things for my parent’s house. He told me to go there to get the cheap tiles!

    • Yes, they have everything you could imagine for building things. And as for tiles, they had a huge selection!

      • Does yours have furniture? A few I’ve been to in kitsap don’t do that but the one in Port Angeles and the one in Port Townsend both have cheap furniture

      • Ya, they have furniture! Mostly cabinets and tabletops though. Great deals!

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